A Global Company Changing Tomorrow in Cancer Care

Astellas Oncology is dedicated to bringing together our collective strengths to advance cancer treatments and care for patients worldwide. We combine collaboration, cutting-edge technology and innovative discovery platforms to develop targeted treatments and comprehensive support solutions that aim to improve the standard of care for patients around the globe.

Oncology Development Experts Driven By a
Profound Sense of Urgency


Astellas Oncology uses global networks of internal and external expertise to follow the biology of cancer in pursuit of innovative new treatments that provide meaningful benefits to the right patient at the right time.


We believe that innovation is born out of collaboration and recognize that we must work together to bring promising new medicines to patients. To that end, we have assembled the best and brightest scientists and have active external collaborations with academic scientists, research networks, startups and other pharmaceutical companies to explore novel targets and potential therapeutic molecules.


Astellas is committed to growing leadership in oncology. As part of our commitment, we continue to invest in state-of-the-art research facilities, such as those in Tsukuba City, Japan and Santa Monica, California, to advance the best science across the globe.

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