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The C3 Prize is tackling critical challenges in cancer care by cultivating ideas that are making an impact in the cancer care community beyond medicine. At Astellas we are passionate and committed to putting patients first.

About the C3 Prize

Cancer is complex. Astellas Oncology recognizes the complexities of the cancer journey – in addition to medicine, people with cancer need comprehensive care. At Astellas, we believe that having a conscious awareness of the patient in all activities, from every area of the company every single day, ensures we make the greatest impact possible on patients throughout their healthcare journey.

That’s why we are committed to fueling big ideas that tackle everyday challenges in cancer care beyond medicine. The C³ (Changing Cancer Care) Prize awards grants and resources to advance ideas that make a big impact in the cancer community. The C3 Prize directly reflects the mission of Astellas Oncology: to make every day better for those impacted by cancer.

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C3 Prize Alumni

Nurturing grassroots ideas has resulted in incredible impact over the years. Our innovators have been able to help those with cancer—and their loved ones—in ways we never would have imagined on our own.

2020 Grand Prize Winner

Omolola Salako of Oncopadi Technologies

Omolola Salako
Oncopadi Technologies

Idea: An app that connects cancer patients with the specialists and hospitals they need to access care.

2019 Grand Prize Winner

Audrey Guth of Nanny Angel

Audrey Guth
Nanny Angel Network

Idea: Expand the reach and impact of Nanny Angel Network, which delivers free, specialized childcare for mothers with cancer.

2018 Grand Prize Winner

Ebele Mbanugo of Run For a Cure Africa (RFCA)

Ebele Mbanugo
Run For a Cure Africa (RFCA)

Idea: Produce timely, culturally relevant, relatable information via a first-of-its-kind digital audio series with local actors that addresses common barriers and myths to breast cancer treatment, which are of value to patients in Nigeria.

2017 Grand Prize Winner

Hernâni Oliveira of The Hope Project

Hernâni Oliveira
The Hope Project

Idea: An augmented reality app to help solve common issues faced by pediatric patients and their parents around both education and physical engagement.

“With the Astellas Oncology C3 Prize we will be able to perform more users’ tests in order to prove the association between the use of this video game and hospitalization time. The award will also allow us to launch the parents and caregivers app in three different languages: English, French and Portuguese.”

2016 Grand Prize Winner

Diane Jooris of Oncomfort™

Diane Jooris

Idea: Virtual reality systems to help patients by providing anxiety and pain self-management tools.

“The C3 Prize provided my company with the resources needed to complete development of a new virtual reality module, as well as invaluable exposure for our idea. Being part of the C3 Prize has been such a rewarding experience that we named the new module ‘Stella’ in honor of the company that made it possible.”

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